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Monthly Archives: November 2013

I’m happy to announce PAULA KIMPER ENSEMBLE
is the #31st participant organization in this new opera collective:


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Columbia University

Inaugural Community Scholars who will be coming to Columbia this semester.

LOCAL LEARNERS | The five inaugural Community Scholars: Mariama Keita, Paula Kimper, John Reddick, Vivian Nixon, and Steven Watkins.

Paula Kimper, a composer who has written four operas, will research her next opera—but she hasn’t chosen the topic yet. Her existing operas are “basically American stories, American history stories,” she said.

Kimper said she’s excited to use Columbia’s resources.

“It’s a fabulous resource and it’s great that it’s opened its doors,” she said. She’s auditing a class and using the libraries, but said “I feel like I haven’t really scratched the surface” of the University.

“I’m just optimistic that all five of us are going to come up with extraordinary work, both on our own and also together,” Kimper said.