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Eurydice (2010) Old Deerfield Productions, Deerfield, MA

Don Juan (2007) Old Deerfield Productions, Deerfield, MA

Swansong (2002) Lucille Lortel White Barn Theater, Westport, CT

Much Ado About Nothing (2002) Washington Shakespeare, D.C.

Heinrich Heine: Doppelgänger (2000) American Opera Projects, NYC

Broken Tale of Mouse (2000) Amy Pivar Dances, Wings Theatre, NYC

The Dining Room (1996) Stamford Theatre Works, CT

Trudy Blue (1995) Alley Theater, Louisville, KY

The Lady in Question (1993) Boston Post Road Theatre, Westport, CT

A Christmas Carol (1992) BPRT, Westport, CT

The Kingdom of Earth (1991) BPRT, Westport, CT

Burn This (1991) BPRT, Westport, CT

Margaret Sanger (1990)

Speed the Plow (1990)

An Actor’s Nightmare, and

Sr. Mary.Ignatious Explains It All (1990) BPRT, Westport, CT

Irma Vep (1990) BPRT, Fairfield, CT

The Boys Next Door (1989) BPRT, Fairfield, CT

Mistress of the Inn (1989) BPRT, Fairfield, CT

Orphans (1988) BPRT, Fairfield, CT

School for Wives (1988) BPRT, Fairfield, CT

Are You Sure? (1987) BPRT, Fairfield, CT

Clone (1986) Frontier Theater, NYC





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