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TRUTH (2012)

An American Opera about Sojourner Truth

Music by Paula M. Kimper

Libretto by Talaya Delaney

Conceived and Developed by Linda McInerney

Commissioned by Old Deerfield Productions

Fanny Otcott (2009)

An Opera by Paula M. Kimper

Based on the play by Thornton Wilder

From: “Three-Minute plays for Three Persons”

Commissioned by Tappan Wilder

The Bridge of San Luis Rey (2007)

An Opera by Paula M. Kimper

Based on the novel by Thornton Wilder


The Captivation of Eunice Williams (2004)

An opera based on an extraordinary true story from colonial America

Music by Paula M. Kimper

Libretto by Harley Erdman

Conceived and Developed with Linda McInerney

Commissioned by The Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association

with support from the International Music and Art Foundation

Patience & Sarah (1998)

A pioneering love story

Music by Paula M. Kimper

Libretto by Wende Persons

Based on the novel by Isabel Miller

Commissioned by American Opera Projects





  1. Aloha Paula! I don’t know if I will actually be reaching you, but I just found out about this opera. I am absolutely in love. It means so much to me, and I wish I had known about even slightly earlier. I am singing at a LGBT Film Festival this weekend, and it would have been perfect. Atop that, I have not found a contemporary piece for my voice type that I love and which really fits. This fits not only my voice, but me. I have been hunting frantically for the sheet music, at least for an aria. Please feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience. I look forward to hearing from you soon! Mahalo
    All the best,
    Danielle Davis

  2. If only we could be there to see this opera again! So many fond memories of the outstanding cast and the beautiful music performed at the Lincoln Center Festival!

    • Veronica, thanks for the good wishes. We are thinking of you too and everyone who helped make the opera. Hopefully it will not be the last opportunity to see it.

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