Flight of the Harmonic Messenger

Feel the heartbeat of Mother Earth expressed through the pulsing rhythms and flowing rivers of electronic and shamanic instrumentation as the Harmonic Messenger takes the listener deep into the sacred sites of the Earth. The energies of the bamboo flute, didgeridoo, English horn, sax, and trumpet merge together in seas of synthesized sunbeams to warm and illuminate the ancient soul of the Earth throughout this creative and innovative new age musical sojourn that embraces spirit and the elements simultaneously. Spread your vibratory wings with the winds of this creation.  Music by Paula M. Kimper.


Life affirming poetry by Elizabeth Bishop, set to music by Paula Kimper, performed by soprano Laure Meloy. One Art, is presented in a unique opera/cabaret performance illustrating the life and loves of poet Elizabeth Bishop.


Pianist Lara Downes presents a recital of solo piano music by women composers, celebrating her Sony Masterworks album Holes in the Sky.

“I want music that makes holes in the sky” - Georgia O’keeffe

This concert-with-conversation features newly discovered works by Florence Price, new works from Julia Adolphe, Clarice Assad, Paula M. Kimper, Angelica Negron, Paola Prestini, Elena Ruehr, Marika Takeuchi and others, as well as original arrangements of iconic songs by Billie Holiday, Abbey Lincoln, Joni Mitchell, and Nina Simone, Downes celebrates the power of female creativity and the women who inspire her to make holes in the sky.

Presented in support of PLAN International Because I Am A Girl, the youth-led, global movement for girls’ rights and gender equality.

The OPERA America Song Book

Featuring "Here Is a Place" by Paula M. Kimper, Lyric by Suzanne Gardinier
Sung by Jesse Blumberg with  Djordje Nesic, piano


Rosśa Crean composer
Aiden K. Feltkamp libretto

CD Cover note by Paula M. Kimper

On THE PRIESTESS OF MORPHINE, composer Rosśa Crean and librettist Aiden K. Feltkamp create a beautifully haunting portrait of a Gertrud Günther, a young Jewish lesbian caught between her two selves during the Third Reich, who bravely sought her inner truth and passions while forced to live in the shadows.

The monodrama’s unusual story is matched by a unique ensemble. Two sopranos represent each side of Gertrud’s life—one mature and narrative, the other youthful and poetic—as the instruments weave unexpected textures and moods. The vibraphone is pushed to its musical limits to create unusual sounds, and the violin and cello float between traditional and percussive styles. Rounding out the ensemble’s ethereal sound is a brief yet powerful scene with the mysterious waterphone. The opera lulls listeners into a sensual, dreamlike state to explore the young woman’s suffocating trauma with an eye towards healing.

Scores are sold as PDF downloads, and will contain a small watermark with your name and date of purchase on each page.

Each anthology features:

  • 20 songs written for the advanced undergraduate and graduate level baritone voice
  • Song Text, IPA for foreign language songs, and select program notes by the composers
  • Song ranges
  • Composer information


"Song of Myself Section 5" for Baritone by Paula M. Kimper